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Youth Commission Sri Lanka Is A Strong Team

Youth Commission Sri Lanka is a non-political, non-racial, and non-sectarian youth-led movement that seeks to unite all youth into a movement working for the development of youth, well-being, harmony, and peace of mankind in Sri Lanka, paving the way for a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka for future generations. This was formed in 2020 by eleven young social activists.

The basic foundation for YCSL’s creation was to bring peace education into society and to strengthen the hidden leadership skills of the youths at the national level. Youth Commission Sri Lanka wishes to develop the leadership-personality of the youth community for social development under the theme “Today’s Youths are Today’s Leaders”, dispelling the misconception that “the heroes of tomorrow are the little us” of many youths.

Youth Commission Sri Lanka currently gathered a large number of volunteer youth covering all 25 districts of Sri Lanka and has recruited a group of volunteer coordinators representing each district.


Cultivate positive peace in the Sri Lankan territory.


Implementation of mechanisms to mitigate structural violence rooted in the Sri Lankan territory through the identification of leading personalities who develop with creative youthful energy

Youth Commission Sri Lanka’s Services

Youth Development

Youth Commission Sri Lanka hopes to pave the way for all youth in Sri Lanka to work to their full potential. The focus is on providing the activities and experience needed to develop social, moral, emotional, physical, and mental skills. It aims to develop the leadership of the youth and focus on social development through activities such as identifying their strengths and weaknesses and improving their skills.

Peace Education

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic country and has been facing various conflicts since time immemorial. One of the main reasons for this is the non-socialization of peace education. Peace education can be introduced as a primary service of Youth Commission Sri Lanka. Steps will be taken to bring peace education to the grassroots level in Sri Lanka.

School Projects

School is the primary starting point for education. This is very important to make a change in attitude. Due to this, peace education is being provided to school children.

Schools in Sri Lanka

Youth Gatherings

Youth gatherings are held to bring together the youth community scattered throughout the country for creating awareness of the concept of peace. It aims to provide peaceful education through the building of interpersonal understanding.

Youth Gatherings Sri Lanka

Social Media Projects

Social media can be described as the most easily accessible way to reach society. Youth Commission Sri Lanka creatively brings peace education closer to the individual through a variety of methods using social media.

Social Media

Inventors Encouraging

There are many high-quality innovative concepts in all the youth community in Sri Lanka.YCSL provides national recognition and international knowledge and support to such undercover inventors.

Sri lanka invention


People are always part of the environment. The well-being of an environment contributes to the well-being of individuals. Due to this, working on the environment is done through Youth Commission Sri Lanka.

Environmental tree planting sri lanka


Women lay a fundamental foundation in the work of peace building. She can set the pace for bringing peace from the family which is the smallest unit in society to the whole society. Because of this, Youth Commission Sri Lanka focuses on women and strives to uplift young women

Women - Women lay a fundamental foundation in the work of peacebuilding. She can set the pace for bringing peace from the family which is the smallest unit in society to the whole society. Because of this, YCSL focuses on women and strives to uplift young women

Psychological Education

Mental well-being is the most valuable asset a person has. It is difficult to build a healed society without mental well-being. Awareness-raising on psychological education in society is done through this.

Psychological Education Sri Lanka

Inter-Religious Festival Celebrations

Interfaith understanding has become an essential factor today. The concept of religion and peace is practically brought to society by initiating inter-religious dialogue through the meaningful celebration of inter-religious festivals.

Inter-Religious Festival Celebrations Sri Lanka