2021 Woman’s Day Creative Competition

Women are the backbone of the world. All of us are alive today because a noble woman gave us life. That is, the basis of life is woman. Although women are the most vulnerable group in the world, they always try to look at the world with a strong mind. The Galle District YCSL team decided to open their hearts thoughts for the entire generation of women who are suffering from birth to death and seeking a smile through pain. Coinciding with the Women’s Day which held on the 8th of March, the Galle District Team organized a creative competition on behalf of the entire generation of women to write and color their feelings and invite all 25 districts of Sri Lanka.

After Informing all 25 districts using creative ads, everyone was encouraged to send their creations to the YCSL official email address. Fifteen outstanding works of creations were selected from a panel of experienced judges and published on the YCSL official Facebook page. It can be described as an excellent process of honing the talents of the youth and evaluating the entire generation of women.

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