Motivation program (Sinhala) for Students who were preparing to sit the GCE Ordinary Level Examination 2020

At a time when Sri Lanka is also a major victim of the Covid-19 epidemic that is affecting the entire world, a series of motivational programs were conducted to improve the mentality and positive motivation of the Students who were about to sit in the GCE Ordinary Level Examination in Sri Lanka. The first program was organized by the Youth Commission Sri Lanka Kandy District Team and was held in the Kandy District for the Students who were facing the GCE Ordinary Level at that time. This program was implemented in Sinhala medium by zoom technology at 10 – 11.30 am on 26.02.2021. The resource person for this program was Miss Vihangi Himaya Jayasuriya, who pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology, at the University of Kelaniya. At the end of the very practical lecture, various problems of the Students who participated were solved.

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